Top 5 Workout Routines for Women


With the world evolving, many women stand up against traditional feminine roles and move towards a different lifestyle. Keeping themselves fit and working on themselves is one of the major priorities in their lives. Exercise is not only for your body but for your soul and mind. Many still view it only as a way to look physically fit. However, this is not true. Exercise is known to work as a treatment for people with mental illnesses. 

Here are the top 5 workout routines recommended for women:

1.   Squats

The number one exercise on our list is squats. Squats not only help your balance and mobility, but they increase your strength also. They help shape your quads, hamstrings, and gluts. Many result studies also prove this. Squats also improve your balance and posture. As these improve, you will be able to carry out your everyday tasks easier, such as picking up something from the floor or running errands. Squats are also great for burning calories. According to research, you can burn up to 8 calories per minute. 

Squatting can also increase your bone density. If you didn’t know, bone density is a significant problem, especially for women; squats are great for improving skeletal health. Women going into menopause are also recommended to do squats to improve their bone density and core strength. Not only this, but squats also help strengthen the lower limb muscles. It is known to activate back muscles and lower body muscles. PCOS is also a common problem that many women go through. Squats highly help with this problem and reduce PCOS symptoms. 

2.   Planks

Planks just came into a trend only a few years back and have taken over the internet. Plank is a compound exercise which means that they help strengthen more than one muscle. Hence, it is excellent for your overall body and especially if you don’t have much time on your hands. Not only does this, but planks also strengthen your spine and abdominal muscles. This results in a better posture. Women tired of complaining about back pains and lousy posture should add planks to their workout routines and see the improvement. 

Moreover, planks also improve your flexibility. They make muscles around your shoulders and your collarbone a lot more flexible. Planks help muscles and areas of your body that are usually overlooked and rejected by other exercises. This form of exercise also improves your metabolism. It helps burn more calories than other forms of exercise and makes you more active and energized.

3.   Leg raise

Are you someone who is always on their feet but gets tired very quickly? The leg raises seem like the perfect exercise for you. Leg raises are also significant if you want to improve your hip flexibility. They also work best for burning leg fat and increasing power in your legs. Menstruating women usually feel weak in the legs. However, they can regain their energy and strength after a small workout of leg rises.

Not only this, but if you are a fitness freak and planning on building abs, leg raises are perfect! Improving the way you look not only boosts your confidence but also makes you physically healthy. A good workout session makes you feel good, especially on days when you are feeling low, and improves your mood. The best part about leg raises is that they can be done while lying in your bed. You don’t require a gym membership or literally anything. You could do some leg raises and get your daily workout by simply lying on your bed! How cool is that?

4.   Bench press

The bench press is mainly to increase your upper body strength. It improves endurance and helps tone your muscle. It is a fantastic exercise for women who are athletes and are looking to gain some muscle strength. Upper body exercise is excellent for women who are swimmers, footballers, and hockey players.

Bench press, however, would require some weight that you will use to excercise. Since this is a hardcore exercise, it is recommended that you consult a trainer who guides you before you start on your own. Remember, a wrong muscle pull can cause you a lot of pain. Bench presses also play a significant role in giving you a bigger arm by growing the triceps. If you want to improve your appearance and get a fitter body, don’t forget to add bench presses to your routine. Sure, it will do you a lot of good.

5.   Burpee

Burpees require quick and constant movement. Hence, it is excellent for your heart and lungs. They help with blood flow and good activity of the heart. It can also help lower blood pressure and improve brain function and cholesterol levels. Burpees don’t require any gym membership or extra equipment. You can easily do a short 15-minute burpee workout routine at home.

Burpees are also got for reducing belly fat. They help increase your metabolism and reduce calories. Moreover, since they require such constant movement, you also get energized and fresh. If you are someone who struggles to stay awake in the morning or always feels low in the mornings, burpee exercise might do wonders for you! Not only will it kick in some movement, but it will also refresh you. They also help tone your body and are one of the best exercises for women. Even though you might have a love-hate relationship with this exercise, there is no doubt that the benefits of burpees are excellent. 

Final words

While we all know how exercise is good for our body, we sometimes overlook the fact that it improves our mental and physical health. Exercise should be looked at as a fun thing and not a chore. Once you understand that, there is no looking back. We hope all of you ladies had a good time reading and gaining information about what exercises might be best for you. If you are still unsure which exercise to add to your routine, consult a trainer or a professional. We wish you all the luck as you embark on this fitness journey.

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