Gym Workout Program for Beginners (Full Training Schedule)


Today we have a critical topic on the agenda for all newcomers who have just arrived or are going to the gym. And, of course, the first question you can get from someone who has just come to the gym is which training program to choose.

And in this article, we will discuss this in detail and give a specific training program suitable for all beginners for the first 3-4 months of visiting the gym.

But first, it should note that in addition to the training program, it is essential to observe the correct diet! We will even put the diet the first place in importance in bodybuilding!

Therefore, after reading this article, we recommend reading the article on proper nutrition for gaining muscle mass. If your objective is to lose weight, the dietary plan will be different; learn more about losing weight.

But the training program for beginners, in any case, the first three months will be the same is necessary so that the body gets used to the loads and gradually adapts to the training process. So, let’s go.

Gym selection tips

The first step is to choose a gym for training. If the reader has already purchased a subscription to the gym, then you can move on to the next point in the article, although I think it will be helpful to read some recommendations.

First, find a gym where you can study comfortably. You don’t want a particular hall, and that’s it. Therefore, before buying a subscription to the gym, first, walk through it and inspect everything, or even some fitness centers have a free first lesson, which will help you better evaluate the gym.

Now, as for the equipment in the gym. Of course, we need a dumbbell row (preferably, it should be as complete as possible and in 1kg increments), benches with adjustable tilt angles, and a power frame. We don’t need a variety of simulators right now.

The only thing that simulators are required is the traction of the upper block. Since not all beginners can perform pull-ups cleanly and correctly, this simulator will be a good addition.

That is, at the initial stage, there is no need to chase a large number of simulators. If there are several, then this is only a plus for the gym, but at the initial stage, it is essential for us to pay attention to working with free weights, or as they often say – to make a base.

Also, another tip – trying to find a gym near your home will be a big plus, proven by your experience. Therefore, the closer the hall is, the better. Well, now we turn to the training program itself.

Beginner’s gym workout

We will train according to the 2 +1 scheme in the first week and 1 +2 in the second week means that in the first week, we will have two basic heavy workouts and one light, and in the second week, two light and one heavy.

I trained according to this scheme when I started teaching and got an excellent result. Therefore, I will give you only verified information from my own experience because such information is the most useful, in my opinion.

So, the weekly training plan is as follows:

First week:

MON: Heavy basic training

TUE: Rest

SR: Light training

WHAT: Vacation

FRI: Rest

SAT: Heavy Basic Training

Sun: Rest

Second week:

MON: Rest

TUE: Light Workout

WED: Rest

WHAT: Heavy Basic Training

FRI: Rest

SAT: Light Workout

Sun: Rest

Then the cycle of two weeks is repeated.

That is, we train in this mode for precisely a month. At the end of the training month, we take complete rest for 5-7 days (see how you feel). After the rest, we also continue the monthly training cycle and rest for 5-7 days. And then we repeat the process – the last one.

Moreover, according to this program, we will train for about four months (with all the rest after each month).

After that, everyone can choose a more specialized (depending on the goals) training program.

Well, we have compiled the training plan schedule for four months, and now we are moving on to the training itself and the selection of exercises.

Planned workouts

We will have heavy chest and back training in the first week and light leg training. So, the exercise plan for the first week.

Monday, work out your breasts.


1. Bench press: 1×15 – warm–up, 3×12 – workers.

2. Dumbbell bench press lying on a bench at an angle of 30 degrees: 1×15 – warm–up, 2×12 -workers.

3. Laying dumbbells lying on a bench at an angle of 30 degrees: 2×12 – workers.

The next training session is light, on Wednesday. On it, we will work out the shoulders. It is fair because we do not perform all approaches to failure with a lightweight.

I do not specify working approaches and warm-ups in the exercises because the whole workout is like one significant warm-up.

In light training, our task is maintaining muscle tone and not loading the central nervous system (CNS).

Tuesday, a light shoulder workout.


1. Dumbbell swings to the sides: 2×15

2. Dumbbell swings in the tilt to the rear delta: 2×15

3. Twisting on the press while lying on a horizontal bench: 3×15

According to the plan, we have a hard training session on Saturday. On it, we will work out the back.

Wednesday back training.


1. Hyperextension (all approaches are a warm-up): 3×15

2. The thrust of the vertical block: 1×15 – warm–up, 3×12 – workers.

3. Dumbbell pulls with one hand: 1×15 – warm–up, 3×12 – working.

Now we move on to next week. Exercise plan for the second week.

Tuesday, light chest workout. (do not forget that here we take a lightweight and do not work to failure. The whole exercise is like a significant warm-up)


1. Dumbbell bench press at an angle of 30 degrees: 2×15

2. The layout of dumbbells on the bench at an angle of 30 degrees: 2×15

3. Twisting on the press while lying on a horizontal bench: 3×15

On Thursday, we have a leg workout.

Squats in this program. We believe that novice athletes shouldn’t do them in the first four months because, at the initial stage, the task is to prepare the whole body for heavy training in the future.

Thursday, leg workout.


1. Bending the legs lying down in the simulator: 2×20 – warm–up, 2×15 – working.

2. Leg extensions sitting in the simulator: 2×20 – warm–up, 2×15 – working.

3. Standing toe lifts with dumbbells: 3HMAX – workers.

Saturday, we have a light back workout.


1. Hyperextension: 3×15

2. Vertical block thrust: 2×15

3. Horizontal block thrust: 2×15

At this point, the microcycle ends in 2 weeks, and a new one begins in another two weeks. Then (after a month of training), there is complete rest for 5-7 days and two two-week microcycles (a new month of training). Then rest for 5-7 days and the last month of training.

As a result, the entire training program took about four months.

I also want to note an important point. During training, be sure to drink water in between sets! It is essential.

Drink enough water, so take more water with you and let the excess stay better, then finish it at home, if anything. I usually take a 2-liter bottle of water with me and drink about 1.5 liters per workout, sometimes a little more.

And most importantly – do not forget about nutrition! I would put nutrition first in importance in bodybuilding. If you eat incorrectly, you can not even hope for a result.

I’m relating this to you based on my experience and other athletes (not even in bodybuilding). Nobody will disagree with you when they say that proper nutrition is the secret to training success.

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