Fitness for Intimacy And Bodybuilding


Few people talk about the link between intimacy and bodybuilding. Either this is still a taboo subject, or not everyone can yet see how sexual activity affects sports results. But you can’t deny that intimacy affects how well an athlete does.

What do the experts say?

When we look at sports closely related to science in the 21st century, we need to know what scientists have to say about the topic before we can answer a pure sports question. No doubt, it can not provide all scientific since those damned capitalists have already gotten into science and are paying for results that benefit them, but in our question, there is no reason not to trust scientists. Scientists can’t, so you can believe these studies.

Intimacy and male hormones

When discussing building muscle mass or doing well in any sport for men, we always talk about testosterone, the primary male hormone. Testosterone turns us into men. It makes our muscles grow and pushes us to set goals and work hard to achieve them step is to find out how intimacy activity affects testosterone levels.

After looking at the research on this subject, we found that there were no studies on this subject. One study from 2003 is the only one we can look at (Department of Life Science, Hangzhou Normal College, Hangzhou, China).

Based on these studies, it’s clear that not having intimacy raises testosterone levels. On the seventh day of not using testosterone, the testosterone level rises to 145 percent of the initial level. After that, it starts to go down slowly.

Science has shown that after an climax, the amount of prolactin in the blood increases the number of testosterone decreases. With such a “hormonal game,” it’s clear that a man would rather sleep than the train. So, it’s not a good idea to have intimacy before training. Also, scientists say that you should have intimacy after a workout.

How well the training works

Scientists say that intimacy activity also doesn’t affect an athlete’s performance (Peter B. Anderson, Ph.D., Paul Wei, MEd, and Ivy Shyu, MEd, University of New Orleans). Research is 100% right because it only looked at the results of marathon runners, whose sport in particular. But people who like to run long distances should consider the study.

Regarding bodybuilding, it’s important to note that seminal fluid has a lot of zinc (Zn), which is an integral part of building muscle mass. So, taking mineral complexes with zinc in them will be helpful.

What do you need to do?

If you can go more than seven days without having intimacy, you will see that what the scientists say is true. Testosterone levels do go up when you don’t use drugs. But this only works for a limited amount of time.

If you don’t use drugs for 5 to 14 days, your level will be very high; everything will return to normal. Testosterone levels will drop to levels that suggest having intimacy every day. So, intimacy is not what makes testosterone go away. If you do it right, intimacy can make you better at sports or keep you at the same level.

If you’re not a professional athlete, you probably don’t need to stay away from alcohol. And giving up sex won’t make your partner happy, so you don’t need to go without for 7–14 days if you don’t have a steady partner.

If you want to do better in sports, it might be worth it, in this case, away from all sexual activity for 7–10 days. But this is your choice and yours alone. It would help if you decided for yourself what you need, and you should remember that abstinence can hurt your physical and mental health.

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