5 Postnatal Exercises Every New Mom Should Know


Mothers should treat their bodies gently and pay attention to how they feel after giving birth. After the significant physiological changes during pregnancy, new mothers can benefit from engaging in postnatal exercises to help them reacquaint themselves with their bodies. Below are 5 postnatal exercises every new mom should know and be aware of.

However, after giving birth, many women are eager to get back to exercise as a means of stress management, anxiety reduction, and general well-being. You can expect trouble-free recovery from childbirth and follow a postnatal exercise plan after a normal delivery. Mothers can start with short walks and other forms of gentle exercises.

Regardless, there are postpartum exercises after a c-section that can help you reduce your overall bulky weight if you had a difficult pregnancy.

So, how eager are you to get going now? Not sure how soon you can start exercising again after giving birth or what exercises are best during those initial postpartum weeks and months?

The most important consideration is how you feel, even though your pregnancy, type of birth, and any complications you experienced during delivery will dictate specific exercise guidelines.

It is because it is crucial to your health and the success of your fitness plan to ease back into exercise after giving birth. Hence, be patient and honest with yourself about your limits, and keep yourself motivated.

1.    Pelvic (Kegel) Exercise

Your body may already know how to do a Kegel if you followed your doctor’s instructions during pregnancy. Clench your pelvic muscles as if trying to stop urine mid-flow. After giving birth, practitioners advise mothers to perform Kegel exercises before recommending a gradual return to exercise.

2.    Diaphragmatic Breathing

You must learn how to breathe properly if you want faster healing and enhanced performance during workouts. Even so, it will become essential for mothers who suffer from diastasis recti after giving birth. Take a few minutes out of your day to practice diaphragmatic breathing to calm your nerves and strengthen your core. The latter is essential when you resume your workout routine.

3.    Glute Bridges

Core strength exercises are among the most important types of exercise for new mothers to engage in after giving birth. The abdominal muscles have been through a lot during your pregnancy and delivery; they will need gentle and progressive work to regain some of their former strength. Glute bridges are a recommended postpartum exercise after a c-section.

Keep your knees bent and your back flat. Shift your weight into your heels and lift your hips. The butt should be off the floor while your shoulders and back remain on it. Now, lower your back by tilting your pelvis.

4.    Aerobic and Cardio

Mothers who are just getting back into cardio shape after giving birth should hold off on high-impact activities like jumping for a while. However, walking has many advantages. Your infant can join you on your stroll as well.

Don’t beat yourself up if it takes longer than you thought to get your pre-pregnancy level of activity back after giving birth. Do not forget to inform your fitness instructor that you have recently given birth if you are eager to return to group exercise classes.

5.    Postnatal Planks

The standard plank is a fantastic full-body workout that can help you retrain your core, strengthen your upper body, and perk up your glutes. If you gave birth vaginally without complications, you should be able to do a standard plank within the first few weeks. Planks are a perfect postnatal exercise plan after normal delivery.


Postpartum exercise can improve core strength, mood, stress, and injury prevention in the low back. After all, it allows you to put your needs first once in your life as a mother.

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